Welcome to (this) life.

     I was talking to Jack Canfield today.  Really, Jack and I spoke on the phone, one on one, for about half an hour.  TaoDiva will not lie to you.  I had a few questions I wanted to explore with him surrounding my decision to return to writing.  Of course, the conversation quickly turned to more personal concerns which, on the surface, had nothing to do with writing but had a dramatic effect on my plans.  The single thing he said to me that made the pivotal shift in my approach was this. “Balance is a verb.” 

     Think about it. We all say we are “looking for balance” or “trying to achieve balance.”  When what we really need to do is consciously decide what is important to us, what its worth to us and constantly revise our schedules and adjust our efforts to “balance” the shifting landscape of life to our advantage.

      That is the intended purpose of this blog. We will explore the art of balance in every area of life. We will seek out tips, links and resources to help manage the multiple, challenges, dreams and desires of our lives.  Keep in mind that we will never “graduate” from this class. Balance requires constant attention and response to changing situations.  The inconsistent wind of life will always blow from a new quarter and only by constant adjustment of our sails will we stay on course.

     Then, of course, there is the problem of your guide on this journey.  I am Angela Hilbert. For years “TaoDiva” has been my “altar”-ego but I am far from an expert, guru, teacher or wise woman.  I’m not above an occasional rant against the lunacy of our present existence nor do I always make the best of decisions.  No, I don’t pretend to have the answers but I do have a way of exploring questions that might help us come to a conclusion that works, at least for the moment.  And if we live moment to moment in the present moment, isn’t that all we need?

We’ll see. . .

Angela TaoDiva

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