Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and Wise

     OK, I know it’s not even Christmas, but have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions yet? Seriously, Christmas is a great time to reflect on your life and consider your values and deep meanings and of course telling others what you want. I suppose you could do this at any time of the year but the ending of the calendar, birthdays and important life transitions naturally lend themselves to the concept of new beginnings, fresh starts and “do overs.”     

     Lately though, I’ve noticed people talk about New Year’s resolutions as if they were quaint or childish fantasies. If I hear one more person wave me off and whine “I don’t make resolutions. No one keeps them any way.” I think TaoDiva just might have to clock you one! Committing to specific goals is not like believing in Santa Clause! No one thinks making a resolution is like wishing on a star. No, making a resolution is examining where you are and where you want to go and deciding it is worth the trip to get there. Unless you are already totally satisfied, at peace with yourself and have everything you want out of life, you need to set some goals. Why is New Year’s Day so scary to you? Even if it’s true and you don’t achieve your goals, just working on them for a while will build your will-power muscles and teach you what works and what doesn’t so you are better prepared the next time you try.

     Maybe it would help to balance your goals? Jack Canfield recommends focusing on several basic areas of life. Something physically health related, something financial or career oriented and something of personal importance. I would add something of intellectual or educational importance to give you the “healthy, wealthy, happy and wise” formula of goal setting. This way, you are balancing your effort and attention over your whole being. It also takes the pressure off any single goal so success not a “pass/fail” test but more of a “pleasure curve.” Here’s an example

     My New Year’s resolution for 2010 is “mastering the art of balance.” So I have balanced several goals that I want to accomplish in 2010. Some are easy and just take a simple decision and a single action step, like my financial goal of contributing 10% of pre-tax income into my 401K. To do that, all I had to do was visit to my human resources website and schedule a 1.5% increase in my automatic contribution per quarter and DONE! I don’t have to worry about it anymore and by the end of the year I’ll be exceeding my goal. Now that’s what I like; a goal with wiggle room and on auto-pilot! 

     Then, of course, some goals need more attention to carry out, like my personal goal of writing the novel I conceived of over 20 years ago. I always wondered if I had the discipline to draft a complete novel. This year, I’ll find out. But for this goal I will need to organize a plan, break it down into steps and schedule time for it into my regular routine. And if I don’t finish?  Technically, that’s a “failure.” But just think what I will learn about myself, while “failing.” Now that’s what challenges me, excites me and (gulp) scares me; a goal that requires consistent attention, additional learning, maybe a writer’s workshop or two and a level of talent I’m not entirely sure I have. But I’m going to LOVE finding out!

     Don’t worry; I’m not going to outline all of my goals here. This is your resource for creating your own balance. So take a look to the right. Do you see that link to Jack Canfield’s mentorship course? Go ahead, click it. It will take you to a sign up page for a free 21 day program to help you clarify your goals and stack the deck of life in your favor to achieve them. Best of all, there is still time to do the program before the year ends so you can plan the journey to balance your own goals for 2010.

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