The Scariest Word

     So, we’ve all been taking a few minutes each day to work through the 21 day success principles mentorship program, right?  If not, go ahead and click on that link to the right of this post, the one labeled “Jack Canfield’s mentorship course” there is still plenty of time.  (If you are getting this “blog blessing” in an e-mail, you will have to go to the site to access all the links. 

     Just for a moment, I’d like to discuss that scary word “responsibility.”  The first principle of success (as outlined by Jack) is to take 100% “responsibility” for your life.

     Our culture uses the term “responsibility” interchangeably with “burden,” “blame,” “fault” or at the very least, “obligation.”  But actually, “responsibility” is simply the characteristic of being able to respond.

     Being responsible means not sitting in your dissatisfied state thinking “if only this, then I could do that.”  That is NOT responsible.  There is no virtue in a patience that is just sitting “waiting for the world to change” (one of the most irresponsible song lyrics EVER!)  I mean maybe you can’t do the “that” that you have in mind but surely you can do “something” to cultivate yourself so you are ready when “that” comes into range.  Or do something else productive while watching for opportunities for “that.”  Or (here’s a radical notion) let “that” go and cultivate an awareness of alternate possibilities.  Seriously, is “that” all there is?  I don’t think so.

     To be “responsible” you just do a little thing I call “Acting from where you are.”  

      OK – So now apply this logic to the concept of “misplaced responsibility.”

. . . Ouch! . . . Yeah, that one hit me hard too. Let’s contemplate on it a little, shall we?

TaoDiva is going back to her cushion now. . .

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  1. Dang, Angie, this is some deep stuff…but I think it’s something I need at this point in my life w/trying to work on work/life balance and personal issues…Thanks for the info…I have signed up for the free trial to Jack’s stuff…maybe it will help…

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