Oatmeal Anyone?

Ok, this is really embarrassing.  I used to do this cleansing fast ever 6 months or so while training in a very strenuous Kung-Fu program 2 hours or more at a time four days a week and practicing tai-chi on my “off” days. In other words, I was VERY athletic.

     Yesterday I awoke with mild symptoms of hypoglycemia, tremor and headache. I drank my cleansing “lemonade” because the formula includes an organic sugar source in order to maintain blood sugar while the lemon provides a gentle cleansing to the newly scraped and exposed walls of the digestive system.  Only it didn’t work. Headache got much worse and I went from tremors to clumsiness and was easily confused and disoriented.

     So I drank a little orange juice.  At this point my husband is very worried.  I give the orange juice some time to get into my system and still have all the symptoms of hypoglycemia.  So he talks me into some vegetarian vegetable soup, which I gratefully accept. After about 8 ounces, I’m feeling cognitively myself again and the headache is just a mild version of itself. So I get dressed and we go to the movies.

     That might not have been the best decision and Shutter Island might not have been the best choice of movie. I became nauseous, the headache returned strong as ever and I lost my ability to control my own body temperature. I began to wonder if it had nothing to do the cleansing diet at all and maybe I was coming down with the flu.  When we got home, Wayne tucked me into bed, gave me some more soup after my stomach settled and I slept for over an hour.

     I felt much better after waking up I had an ALT sandwich (that’s like a BLT but with avocado instead of bacon) I felt very much myself again. Headache was gone and I was able to concentrate and read. I still took it easy and, this morning, started my day with coffee and oatmeal.  Homemade fruit smoothie and salad for lunch and tonight for dinner, we’re having soy-burgers on whole grain buns.

     When you just plain eat healthy, maybe you don’t need a cleansing fast.  What am I trying to cleanse out anyway, Soy residue? <shrug> So, chalk one up for the “it seemed like a good idea at the time” department and move on.  Still, it does hit me that maybe I’m not as strong, and resilient as I once was.

     Maybe I just need to respect my (amazing, hot and lovely) 40-something-year-old body and just be nice to it.  I don’t mean “here have a chocolate sundae and watch TV” nice. I mean “enjoy a walk in the fresh air instead of a brutal workout” and “have some salad in a 100% whole grain pita instead of a three day fast” kind of nice.  Is that so bad?

     Buddha was right when he advised “the middle way.” The trick is finding the center. Lesson learned and thanks for the oatmeal.


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Spring Tonic

     It’s the first full day of spring and I’m on vacation. I’m not going anywhere, but I am using the time for a personal self-spa, detoxification and re-energizing week.  So far I am on my third day of my detox diet cycle.

     Now, before I tell you about it, please understand that I cannot recommend this diet to anyone else. It was recommended for me by my kung-fu Sifu back in 2002 and though I no longer practice kung-fu, I still practice the detox diet because it just makes me feel so amazing, healthy and energetic! Please don’t try this at home without your Sifu’s advice.  Also, while I’m on the subject of disclaimers, I don’t have ANY idea where Sifu got this diet. So if it’s a patented or copyrighted regimen, just let me know and I’ll give credit where credit is due.  But please spare me if you think I got it wrong. Maybe it does not match the diet you THINK I’m trying to follow but it does match the instructions I was personally given so I’ll keep to my plan, thank you very much.

     Days 1, 2 and 3, I get to eat nothing but raw vegan food. That’s right; my entire diet consists of raw fruit, raw vegetables, seeds grains and nuts. I can soak my grains to make them soft (as in a tabouli salad) and I can use olive oil in small amounts. I can also drink plain tea, water and small amounts of plain soy milk. Oh yes, I can’t mix yin food and yang food in my stomach. They have to be eaten at least 2 hours apart.

     As I understand it, a yin food is anything that comes from a plant that dies down at the end of its season or has a dormant phase.  A yang food is anything that comes from a plant that constantly grows spreads and progresses without ever loosing its leaves.  For example, an apple tree is bare all winter so an apple is a yin food. (I’m getting sick of apples.) A banana tree keeps growing until it dies and never completely looses its leaves so a banana is a yang food. Get it?

     This makes it a real research project to make smoothies or salads.  Can I put pineapple in coconut milk with banana in a blender? Can I put avocado on my spinach salad?  I’ve been giving Wikipedia quite a workout over questions like this.  (In case you are wondering, the answers are yes and no respectively.)

     All the antioxidants, live enzymes and cleansing juices make the whites of my eyes VERY white and my hair and nails grow like crazy and my skin is bright and clear. But can we talk a moment about, um, poo?  Yeah, the idea is to get so much fiber and roughage that it scrapes the colon clean so you can better absorb the detoxifying “lemonade” in phase 2 of the cycle.  But . . . wow, that’s a lot of poo. I’m glad I invested in some really good, soft toilet paper. Surprisingly, there is no diarrhea, cramping, gas or other intestinal issues, just a LOT of poo. 

     Tomorrow I’m transitioning into the “lemonade” fast. So I’ll tell you about that later. Right now . . . I have to “go.”  <Blush>

To your health,


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