Visualization? Premonition? Fate? Chance?

     When I was in fifth grade, my Science teacher was having trouble getting my class to settle down just before Christmas vacation.  Instead of fighting for order, she gave in to the excitement and instructed us each to come up with a design idea for a new toy. The idea was that we were Santa’s elves, working in the tech department of the toy factory and were trying to come up with ideas for toys of the future. I will never forget my toy idea. . .

     As an avid reader (I was the four-eyed nerd sitting cross-legged on the playground reading a book with no pictures.) my toy idea was, of course, a book. But this book was special. This was a book that looked like a blank journal when you picked it up. But once in your hands, the book came alive with whatever you wanted to read.

     Shakespeare? Done! This year’s Newbery award winner? You got it! (and yes, even at age 10, I was a discerning reader looking for the Newbery medal on the cover of new fiction.) Best of all, if you wanted to read books of a “delicate” nature, like “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret.” Your magic book would never reveal it by displaying explicit cover art. Your mother will just think you are reading more Newbery award winners while you ponder mysteries like, “when will I get my period?” and “can exercises really make my breasts grow?”

     Best of all, if you wanted to know something, or learn about something, you could research it right from your magic book and find books, magazine articles or even current events. Once you found it, the pages you wanted would be called to your book for reading at your leisure. What a treasure! Such a thing would have been worth whole libraries, whole worlds of knowledge that could be held in the small hands of a 10 year old girl!

     My teacher gently advised me that this was science class not English. She intended for us to write about something technical not imaginary. My peers none too gently made fun of me for desiring imaginary books over magnetized and animated toys. But it looks like I got the last laugh.

     Now it actually exists! Now I actually have one of these magic books! Holding it in my hands for the first time, over thirty years later, brought tears to my nearsighted, but visionary eyes. Science has come through for me at last.

Was it the Law of Attraction? Visualization? Premonition? Fate? Chance? Does it matter? My Husband gave me a nook last week and, to me, it is my magic book come to life. My nook is more than just an e-reader. It is a link to my 10 year old self.

     (Here you go sweet-heart. You may be too old for Judy Blume now, but it works just as well with Anais Nin. Go play!)

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