The side effects of making dreams come true

Spring is here and I’m ½ way through my copywriting course. I am even working on my first spec assignment. (That means I write it for free and if they like it they buy it. I think they’ll like it. I just hope they like it BEST!)

      I have also finished the outline for my novel and written a 10 page synopsis. Now I’m researching history and details of the period before I start writing the first full draft. No – that’s not procrastination. (Yet) I’m still meeting my personal deadlines and am on schedule for a finished book by the end of November.

      So far my new year’s resolutions are on safe ground. But I have a problem. All this “butt in chair” writing, reading and researching has cut into my active time. Since my day job is another “butt in chair” kind of thing, said butt is getting bigger. Gulp. I’m not comfortable with this. It is time to troubleshoot the unexpected side effects of making dreams come true. No one told me writing caused augmentation of the posterior.

     Here’s my plan:

  1. Go back to Curves. A quick 30 min trip around the circuit before work will do me wonders! I don’t write before work anyway. I watch the news, update facebook and drink coffee. I think I can safely cut back on those activities.
  2. Go back to Weight Watchers. . . but NOT at the local meetings. I’m joining the on-line Weight Watchers community. That way I won’t get those nasty phone calls accusing me of stealing a scale when I actually bought serving spoons. (Don’t ask – it’s still too painful.)
  3. Now that the weather is nice, Darling Husband and I can return to our evening walks at Pickerington Ponds. We enjoy a lovely trail there that registers just under 5,000 steps on my pedometer. After I log out of  work for the evening, we go to Rita’s Ice (They even have a sugar-free ice-of-the-day.) and take our walk.

Now, if I can keep it simple, I’ll succeed. I know this about myself. The more complicated the schedule, the less likely I’ll keep it up.

Curves every work-day but Monday (That’s Darling Husband’s day off.) and a walk ever work night but Tuesday (That’s when I take my copywriting class.)

See, the complications are already jumping up. Down boy! DOWN!

Any body got a whip and a chair?

~Angela TaoDiva

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